Friday, December 31, 2010

Let's Celebrate Year 2011

It's time to wrap up year 2010 and make a new to-do list for the brand new year 2011. Let me recap my exciting life of year 2010:

  1. Thank God! I'm still breathing and my heart still beating.
  2. My family all are in good health.
  3. I have moved out from the previous company and accepted new challenges as Recruitment Consultant. Not easy for me because I don't have any foundation in recruitment.
  4. I did a lot of Cuti-Cuti Malaysia-Kuantan, Malacca, Genting, Penang; Meantime I used my passport once-celebrating Christmas in Singapore.
  5. I watched 60 movies in this year. Out of 60 movies, 34 movies are sponsored and I only pay for 26 movies. Wah, I'm such a movie freak.
  6. Other than movie, I get to attend some events and meet with famous blogger like Xia Xue. I even has expand my networking through some events.
  7. I also get to watch some awesome concerts like Ne-Yo-Year of the Gentleman Tour, 大嘴巴(Da Mouth) performing for Puma, Kelly Clarkson - All I Ever Wanted Tour, MTV World Stage Concert.
  8. I bought myself a piano and trying to practice back the Grade 8 standard.

Overall, I have a wonderful and great year. Although it's a busy life but I enjoy my life. No matter what kind of challenges or unhappy things happened in the year, I will treat it as part of my life lesson and I will be better in this coming new year. What is plan for the year 2011?

  1. I'm picking up my new work and I can close every deal.
  2. Work is work but also must have personal life. Travelling will be one of the choices to relax.
  3. I love blogging, will continue no matter how busy am I.
  4. I should attend piano class to pick up Grade 8 skill.
  5. I should open my eyes big big to spot the potential candidate of life partner. Everyone keep asking.

Okie, resolution made. It's time to execute. I wish everyone all the best and always stay pink of health.



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