Saturday, March 6, 2010

大嘴巴(Da Mouth) & Puma at The Opera

On 27 February 2010 (Saturday), thanks for Daniel, we can bring ten persons to watch 大嘴巴(Da Mouth) performed at The Opera, Sunway in conjunction Puma lauching latest fashion. I was so excited because gotta watch 大嘴巴 at place I not yet been before.

Specialty made building outside Sunway Pyramid

They only serve one drinks for normal invitation, kinda disappointed

I love this picture

The one and only photo of Daniel because he was the photographer of the day

Ling in action

With Eamon and JC

Group photo

The event start with performance from local artists

大嘴巴 sing three songs with Puma outfits

They catwalking

Fashion show by models

We catch acrobatic show before we left

We have great time watching 大嘴巴 sang, they really can heat up the event with great singing and dancing. The service of The Opera was good but the space was small. One of the attraction of the club was the acrobatic show but it was weird when you in the middle of dancing and the attraction suddenly shifted to the acrobatic show. Many people came after the event ended, maybe due to the club is still a new place to hang out.


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