Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello Year 2010

Today is the first day of year 2010. Reviewing back the resolution of year 2009, I have worked so hard and there are two resolutions which I didn't achieve. Year 2009 has been a challenging and stressful year for me especially at workplace. Luckily I still able to cope with it and I still survive. Photobucket

Besides work, I have a great year in travelling. I went to Bangkok and Perth. It really open my eyes through these trips. Although, I do not book any trip for this new year but I think it won't be a problem because according to Air Asia, 'Everyone can fly'. So you just need click on the website and can fly anytime. Photobucket

I'm grateful that my family and I were healthy and I appreciate every moment hanging out with them. I wish they are in the pink of health and all the best in everything. I'm also grateful that true friends are there for me when I need them. Friendship was bonded through effort of maintain and sincerity. Therefore, I wish all my lovely friends will have great new year.

Year 2009 was a happening year for me too. I went to few Advertlets and Nuffnang movie screening-Angels and Demons, The Ugly Truth, Zombieland, Whiteout, Phobia 2 and The Twilight Saga : New Moon. Other than that, I went to some events such as MOS 1st Anniversary and Xpax Blackberry Launching Party, thanks to blogging. My networking has been expanded and wish to know more new people in this new year.

When recapping back the year 2009, it was full of happiness, excitement fearness and sadness. This is life because it was full of surprise, and up and down. Everyone will hope for a happy life but without some spice of life, your life will be bored. I have some plans for this brand new year :

1. Travel to a foreign country that I never went before
2. Pray for better job prospect
3. Buy a piano and complete my Grade 8
4. Changing my available status into unavailable status
5. Keep blogging and expand my networking

Although sometimes you might not get what you have planned but if you fail to plan, you are plan to fail. I hope everyone will have a terrific year 2010 and wish that I will accomplish all my plans. Photobucket



sock peng said...

Happy New Year

Yih Yann said...

@sock peng All the best to you in the new year...

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