Friday, November 27, 2009

Nuffnang Screening-The Twilight Saga : New Moon

Finally the New Moon has started to show in Malaysia cinema after a week later released in US. Twilight fans definitely looking forward for this movie of year 2009. I have read the book and the new characters development made the whole story become more interesting. I get to watch the premier, thanks to Jeff and Nuffnang.

Release Date : 26 November 2009--->Watch on 25 November 2009 (Wednesday), 9.30pm at Cathay Cineplex, E @ Curve
Language : English
Running Time : 2 hours 10 minutes
Director : Chris Weitz
Cast : Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner

The complicated love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob

The Cullen family=The cold one

The werewolf companion

Volturi-Powerful coven of vampires

My Penny of View : This movie was adopted from Twilight series second novel. From about 500 pages of novel squeezed into almost 2 hours movie was ain't easy. Therefore, it only showed the main plots of the story but the connection between plots was good. You can easily understand the flow of the story without reading the book.

New Moon was no longer Edward's movie anymore because he left Bella in the first part of the movie. However, Jacob outshone in this movie. He was the werewolf-the vampire's age-old enemy. When Jacob transformed into werewolf, all his clothes will be teared off. Then when he transformed back become human, he will leave his upper body naked. Wow, he has six pack. Photobucket But I wonder how come he still wearing a pants when he changed back become human because I didn't see the werewolf wearing any pants. Girls in the cinema was crazy about him and even screamed. Photobucket Edward's body if compared with Jacob, was pale and skinny, not attractive at all. However, some girls still crazy for his lips and charming face.

As we knew, this story was about love story between human and vampire (or is it love story between the beast and his food?). You will enjoy the movie if you love the tremendous love story. The action scenes made the movie become fascinating. The acting was just nice and there were numerous well placed jokes. The werewolf did a great job in maintaining good visual of the movie and entertaining. As usual, all the focus was put on the Edward and Jacob while Bella just the source to trigger the fight between vampire and werewolf. Who will you choose if you were Bella? You will become food for the cold one anytime but he always gentle and he has super power. On the other hand, the warm one will enjoy the same food as human, only sometimes he hardly control his temper. The cold one or the warm one? Can't wait to read the third novel.

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