Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Perth Trip ~ Day 4(08.08.2009) ~ Ngilgi Cave

After filled up our stomach, we drove all the way to South Perth. We reached our next destination-Ngilgi Cave (previously known as Yallingup Cave). We can see many red layers of soil, it is called Paleosol. We took the Show Cave tour. It is semi-guided and allow visitors to explore the cave at their own leisure. The Show Cave was AU$18.50 for adult. Besides that, there are another two tours which are Adventure Tours and Torchlight Tours. Adventure Tours involve squeezing through narrow crevices, rock climbing, traversing and crawling on own hands and knees while you need to explore the cave by torch light in Torchlight Tours.

The map of Ngilgi Cave

We must read carefully the important rules include no flash light in the cave

The tour guide giving briefing and introduction about Ngilgi Cave

The entrance into Ngilgi Cave

Inside of the Ngilgi Cave

Photobucket The Paleosol was so magnificent and amazing. The giant Paleosol took few hundred thousand years to form. This was an underground cave and the temperature was slightly higher. Therefore, we need to take off our jackets when exploring the cave. Photo shooting in the cave was difficult due to there was no flash light allowed. According to the tour guide, this rules is to preserve the Paleosol in order our next generation can witness the wonder of Paleosol. I felt so proud of myself because I have finished the route of the cave. It was an extraordinary experience for me because I never explore an underground cave before. Photobucket

To be continued...


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