Saturday, January 2, 2010

Movie Review-Treasure Hunter(刺陵)


Release Date : 24 December 2009--->Watch on 24 December 2009 (Thursday), 10.15pm at TGV, Jusco Kepong
Language : Mandarin
Running Time : 1 hour 44 minutes
Director : Kevin Chu
Cast : Jay Chou, Lin Chi Ling, Eric Tsang, Chen Dao Ming

My Penny of View : Ciao Fei was a famous treasure hunter. He helped his mentor to look for those stolen treasure and returned to the original place. In the middle of desert, there was a legend that treasure of the previous dynasties has been buried under the desert. It was guardianning by a group of mysterious guardian. A crime group went to look for Fei's mentor to get the map of the treasure. The mentor able to pass the map to Fei but unfortunately he was killed. The mentor's daughter-Lan Ting caught by another group of people that was interested in the treasure also. Fei brought the map and went to save Ting. Fei together with another famous archaeologist-Hua Ding Bang and Ting found the ancient treasure through the exciting and dangerous journey.

No doubt I was looking forward to this movie because of Jay Chou but frankly speaking, I think he was quite good in his previous movies such as Initial-D, Secret and Kung Fu Dunk. Therefore, high expectation end up with disappointment. He try to act as a cool treasure hunter but I think he don't suit the character and it make his acting so fake. There was zero love chemistry between Jay and Lin Chi Ling. There was no romance and they seems like don't know what they are doing. As usual, Jay likes to promote his besties, this movie is Liu Keng Hung as mummy man that came to get the map of treasure. His outlook gave me an impression that he just stepped out of toilet and the toilet paper around him seems unfinished. The fighting between him and Jay consisted some Matrix elements. The most exciting part was the mysterious guardian chasing Jay and others when they found out they try to get the treasure. I think the whole movie was not so sucks thanks to Eric Tsang. His humorous made the movie more interesting and won't so bored. I hope that Jay's next movies-True Legend(蘇乞兒) and The Green Homet(青蜂侠) won't so disappointed. He has a upcoming drama too-Pandaman(熊貓人) but when only he come out his new album?

Rating :


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