Sunday, May 24, 2009

Advertlets Screening : Angels and Demons

Thanks to Advertlets for the movie invite and Krispy Kreme for the free donuts. This was my very first Advertlets event and I finally met Josh Lim the founder or boss of Advertlets. I was so excited because I got to watch the movie two days earlier before anyone else. There was a minor prizes giving before the movie start. The first prize was Sony Cyber-shot™ Skinny-T worth RM 1299. My last experience watched movie premier was The Da Vinci Code. Nowadays, they have many rules-no handphone, no camera and no laptop. You need to go through the body check by RELA before you enter the hall. This is to ensure nobody can do the recording. The worst part was when the movie ended, everyone rush to get back own belongings. This is very troublesome. Anyway, I enjoy myself and I hope I can join more events that organize by Advertlets in the future.

The movie passes

Tattoo sticker

Release Date : 14 May 2009--->Watch on 12 May 2009 (Tuesday), 9.30pm at Cathay Cineplex, Cineleisure
Language : English
Classification : 18PL
Running Time : 2 hours 19 minutes
Director : Ron Howard
Cast : Tom Hanks, Ewan McGregor, Ayelet Zurer, Stellan Skarsgard, Pierfrancesco Favino, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Armin Mueller-Stahl

My Penny of View : Tom Hanks returns with another Dan Brown's novel-Angels and Demons. I was looking forward for this movie because Tom Hanks is such a great actor from Cast Away to The Terminal. The movie started with death of the Pope of Vatican City. Therefore, they have to elect the new Pope. The four most possible candidates have missing and they received the threatening video which showed the activated nuclear weapon somewhere in Vatican City. It was so powerful until it can destroy the Vatican City. Tom Hanks responsible to save the four missing candidates and find the nuclear weapon together with Ayelet Zurer-the physician. The clues was the Path of Illumination which consists the four elements : Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Finally Tom able to save the forth cardinal and solve the whole threatening action. The bad guy got his punishment.

This movie is easier to understand if compare with The Da Vinci Code. All the church and Pope are related to religion. If you watch it with open heart, this is a great mystery movie. Additional Tom Hanks's acting is so amazing, he make the whole story become alive. The most memorable scene was the explosion in the sky, it was so beautiful. Besides, the statues and churches are the ancient art of Rome. I found from wikipedia stated the differences between book and movie. Let's take a look.

* The Camerlengo in the movie is Irish, not Italian.
* The first murder does not take place in the man's apartment in the movie.
* Robert Langdon saves the life of the 4th Cardinal in the movie.
* The story of the parentage of the Camerlengo does not come out in the movie.
* Many of the scenes in the movie have many police around, but in the book Robert and Victoria are alone.
* In the book a BBC reporter and videographer play a major role. They are not in the movie.
* The head of CERN plays no role in the movie.
* Vittoria doesn't wear shorts in the movie.
* The assassin is not shot in the foot.
* The assassin is not nearly as large as described in the book.
* The assassin does not kidnap Vittoria in the movie.
* Robert is not nearly drowned by the assassin.
* Robert is not trapped under a marble casket in the movie.
* Robert does not go up into the helicopter with the Camerlengo in the movie.
* Robert doesn't jump out of the helicopter in the movie.
* The name of many characters differ from the book.

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fufu said...!! you got to see the movie for free.... great! anyway i love tom hanks too...a great actor ever =p

Yih Yann said...

--->fufu:He is a great actor and I watch his movie I will cry ooo

sock peng said...

nice movie

Yih Yann said...

-->sock peng:Yup,this is a great movie with simple story line and great actor.

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