Thursday, May 28, 2009

1st anniversary of ~:*: Just for Sharing :*:~

28 May 2009 is a very special day for me. Today is 端午节, Reeve's birthday, my road tax expiry date, Siew Siew's car need to install the seat belt, I will get my paycheck many events occurred in a same day. The most special event of the day is that 1st anniversary of my blog.

Why I blog?

** I'm not really good in writing but I hope I can record every single things happened in my life such as fun hang out, celebration, movie I watched, book I read with all my friends and family.

What I gained?

** I have improve my knowledge in html code and photo editing from blogging.
** I have many blogger friends that really read my blog. I felt so touch.
** Earn my first RM10 and mooncake from blogging.
** Joined the Movie Screening sponsor by Advertlets.
** I like to take photo on food, scenery and myself after I start blogging.
** I feel relax and addict to blogging. It become one of my hobbies.

Currently I still an unstable blogger because sometimes I really feel so tired to see the laptop after work but I will try my best to arrange my time to make sure I have a schedule posting. If not my supporters also will feel boring and nobody will read my blog. Currently I'm try to search for the new layout for my blog but the codes seems like unmatched. Anyone can lend a hand to me? Thanks again to all my lovely friends. Photobucket


fufu said...

yeah...keep writing, reading, leaving comment ya!!! all the best =p

Yih Yann said...

--->fufu:Thanks for your support...I added you in Facebook but seems like no respon from you come?

sock peng said...

keep writing

Yih Yann said...

--->sock peng:Thanks...I will keep it on :)

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