Friday, October 17, 2008

My 1st Payment & Present from Internet

The day before I went to Singapore (29.09.2008), I received a letter from Pacific Century Technology. When I opened the letter, I saw a cheque with written my name on it.

When I read carefully the letter, then only I knew the cheque is from the 友爱网站 The贴友爱有十块 campaign. This is the first payment I get from advertising in the blog. So happy o.

After I came back from Singapore, I have received an email from Pacific Century Technology saying that I won a consolation prize in The but must reply the email by 02.10.2008. I only checked my email on 03.10.2008. With a disappointed feeling I replied that email and hoped that they won't hand over my prize to others.

On 08.10.2008, my mom called me saying that I have a parcel. I was so happy because this is the first prize I received from participating contest on the Internet.

There were 4 mooncakes inside the box-Red Bean, Chocolate Cheese, Pandan Lotus+Salted Mung Bean+Single Yolk, Lotus Single Yolk.

I must add oil in blogging now.


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