Monday, June 1, 2009

Lunch at Garden, 1 Utama

CC and I was hang out together on 17.05.2009 for lunch and shopping. We went to try this new concept restaurant - Garden at the new wing 1 Utama.

The entrance

Nice piano, still can play or just for decorations?

You can see everywhere was decorated with flowers, it makes you feel like you are sitting in a garden

You can buy every flowers here if you like

The kitchen

Beautiful statue

They have very nice menu

They have six different of set lunch which served daily from 12-4pm. There were main course, soup of the day plus drinks which you can choose either ice lemon tea, coffee or ice coffee. The range of price is from RM12.90 to RM17.90. I have choose the Butter Ginger Dorry Fish while CC choose the Garden Black Pepper Chicken Chop.

Ice lemon tea

Soup of the day - Green Pea

Garden Black Pepper Chicken Chop

Butter Ginger Dorry Fish

After we have full lunch

The environment of the restaurant was very nice and comfortable. The service was very good and the waiters were friendly. The price of the food was reasonable too. However, the taste of the food here just normal but it just fine to fill up my empty stomach.


sock peng said...


fufu said...

wow the ambience is so nice!!! i wanna bring my gf there.....hohohoho so romantic ~*

Yih Yann said...

--->sock peng:You come to KL la...I bring you go, 1 Utama is my area :D

Yih Yann said...

---> should bring then on the spot which flower she likes you can buy it for her :)

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