Monday, January 2, 2012

Movie Review-New Year's Eve


Release Date: 08 December 2011--->Watch on 29 December 2011 (Thursday), 9.20pm at GSC, Mid Valley
Language: English
Subtitle: Malay / Chinese
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Running Time: 2 Hours
Director: Garry Marshall
Cast: Jessica Biel, Jon Bon Jovi, Abigail Breslin, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Robert De Niro, Josh Duhamel, Zac Efron, Hector Elizondo, Katherine Heigl, Ashton Kutcher, Seth Meyers, Lea Michele, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Pfeiffer, Til Schweiger, Ryan Seacrest, Hilary Swank and Sofia Vergara

My Penny of View : On the New Year's Eve, Claire was the person in charged for the ball drop ceremony at Times Square with help of her friend, Brandon but it happened a small incident. Ingrid was the secretary of Ahem Records, she felt depressing with her life and she quit her job. She offered the deliveryman, Paul tickets for Ahem Records party with condition to help her complete a series of New Year's resolutions before midnight. Paul's sister, Kim was thinking to spend the New Year's Eve with her daughter, Hailey but Hailey wanted to spend the night with her boyfriend. Paul's friend, Randy hated New Year's Eve because his girlfriend left him earlier and he stuck in an elevator with Elise, who was the back-up singer for Jensen. Jensen was going to perform at Times Square and he still having feelings with his ex-girlfriend, Laura. At a nearby hospital, a man in the final stage of cancer that refused to accept any treatment but he only wished to go up to the rooftop to see the ball drop for the last time. Nurse Aimee kept him accompany. Two couples were in the same hospital to compete for a prize for the family of the first child of the new year. On the other hand, Sam was trying to reach at the Ahem Records party in time for an important speech and meet up with a woman he fell in love on the last New Year's Eve. So many stories happened in a New Year's Eve, will all of them get what they want before the brand new year?

The pattern of the movie is the same as Valentine's Day, which it's described a series of holiday vignettes of the state of several romances. Ashton Kutcher and Jessica Biel remained in this movie with different characters with additional other great actors and actresses. Not to mention two Catwoman-Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry. Don't forget long time no see, Jon Bon Jovi. New stars such as Lea Michele and Zac Efron lighten up the movie too, but Zac Efron is getting swollen if compare with his look in High School Musical. Ryan Seacrest made a special appearance as host for the New Year's Eve countdown. Besides busy spotting the actors, I find the story line was quite funny and hilarious especially the part that Zac Efron try to complete Michelle Pfeiffer's resolutions. One of the story is out of my expectation, I thought Josh Duhamel is going to meet Hilary Swank. Overall of the movie was entertaining and it definitely a festive movie. Everyone wants to wrap up everything on the final day and has new beginning in the brand new year. It also a good time to stop and think what you have missed in the past year and move on to achieve before the end of our life. New Year's Eve is having different meanings for every people. It's not just changing a new calendar but to tell you how far you have come to. Anyway, I still prefer last year Valentine's Day.

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