Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012

Year 2012 is finally here. Is our world going to end like the movie, 2012? So we should spend all our money and wait for death? I guess this is not a right approach. No matter how tough is our life, we still have to move on. New year is considering new beginning. It's a also time to recap what you did and achieved in the past year meanwhile plan for the brand new year. What I did in year 2011? Let's see...

1. Feel grateful that I'm still alive after seeing or hearing so many of deaths.
2. My parents and Momo are in the good shape, another reason to pray.
3. Career is considering good, tried different assignments, failure and success are very common but I learned from mistakes.
4. Relationship remaining status quo, still searching for the right one.
5. Life was exciting, joined different activities and met new people.
6. I'm constantly won some small prizes but I won a grand prize in the beginning of the year.
7. Thanks to my grand prize, I went to Hong Kong. I also went to Bali to find love with my BFF. Don't forget to travel to some interesting places in Malaysia such as Sekinchan, Fraser Hill, Penang and Genting.
8. Counting back movies I watched in cinema last year was 51 movies and out of 51 movies, 40 movies were sponsored. Wao...I save lots of money from here.

Life is imperfect and we should make it perfect as we can. Up and down in life is our spices of life to make us grow. Out of so many things we try to achieve in our life, we always forget to keep breathing is the most difficult things in our life. LIFE just a simple four letters but to color it we have to put a lot of effort. What I want to achieve in the new year? I want to stay alive, healthy, enjoy and always feel grateful. I want to eat delicious food, travel to places I never been to and enjoy every moment with the love one.

Wish to go to Manhattan the Upper East Side



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