Friday, November 11, 2011

Bali Trip-Bali Bomb Memorial

On morning of 22.08.2011, we have our breakfast at the food stall near Tune Hotel while we were waiting for our driver, Made Jiwa (Tel: +628123668893) to pick us.

A cup of Balinese coffee to start up my day

Pancake with brown sugar and coconut, I feel the taste is weird

Fried banana, quite juicy

The breakfast especially the coffee brighten up my day as I didn't have a sound sleep the night before. The total bill was Rp26K for two persons. Our first destination was Bali Bomb Memorial at Jalan Legian, Kuta.

Bali Bomb Memorial is a memorial for 202 people that murdered by the bomb attack on 12th October 2002. It was a terrible terrorist attack and another bomb attack happened again in 1st October 2005. Ever since, tourism in Bali affected seriously and everybody thinks of bomb when talk about Bali. Every year on the anniversary date, there will be a ceremony mourning for those that killed or wounded by the bombs.


List of victims

2002 Bali bombings was a sad tragedy. The local and victims' family were still haunted by the tragedy. The security in Bali became tighter ever since because tourism is their main source of income. Anyway, don't be afraid to travel to Bali because of this incident. Life is short and unpredictable. We not necessary will die in Bali but we also not necessary will stay alive at home.


Most Desirable said...

Hi, Bali is a beautiful place, especially the beaches. Very sad that it was used as a target. Anyhow, you are right, life is unpredictable. So, enjoy Bali while we can. It has so much to offer.. the food, the sights, the friendly people and their great tradition. Pls do read my story, thks:)

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