Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bali Trip-Made's Warung

Our second day dinner settled at Made's Warung which is located near Kuta Beach. It's one of the must try food if you are visiting Bali.


Overview of the restaurant from outside

The restaurant is warm like home and full house when we arrived. We have to wait for a while to get our table. With only two us, we have limited choices in trying different food because our stomach can't afford to eat so much and it's bad to waste food. We don't have chance to feel hungry throughout the whole Bali trip and I have gained after that. Photobucket So, most of the food we ordered is for sharing.

Avocado Juice-Rp30K (Refreshing and natural juice, yummy)

Lumpia Vegetables aka Spring Roll-Rp25K (Crunchy for inside and outside, taste good with the special sauce)

Pepesan Ikan-Rp40K (Fishcake is compact with special herbs together spicy kangkung)

Nasi Campur Special-Rp60K (White rice with topping of vegetables, chicken, beef, fish, tofu, shrimp and chili sauce)

I like the food but it was slightly pricey. I don't think local people affordable to have a meal here. I hope they don't keep increasing the price and they should maintain the standard of the food. Besides local food, they also serve breakfast, Western, Japanese and Thai food. I guess the history of Bali influenced the taste of food and they are open in adopting different culture.

After full dinner, we were walking around Kuta town and we bumped into Christine outside Hard Rock Hotel. What a small world? Photobucket Later, we have drinks at Black Canyon Coffee before went back to hotel.


FiSh said...

wow authentic indonesian food! nice right? i love not so spicy food :)


Yih Yann said...

@FiSh: Ya...I'm personally like spicy food.

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