Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nuffnang Screening-The Social Network

Thanks to Nuffnang and Niki Cheong for the screening.


Release Date : 2 December 2010--->Watch on 22 November 2010 (Monday), 9pm at GSC, Mid Valley
Language : English
Genre : Drama
Running Time : N/A
Director : David Fincher
Cast : Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, Malese Jow, Rashida Jones

My Penny of View : This film was based on the true story of founding of Facebook. The story began with Mark Zuckerberg created a website to rate the attractiveness of Harvard female undergraduates after his girlfriend broke up with him. He hacked into the university database, downloaded photos and names of the female students. His best friend, Eduardo Saverin provided an algorithm rules to make the website worked. Within 4 hours, the traffic hit up to 22,000 which alerted the university security because it made the network down. Later, he has been punished with 6 months of academic probation. On the other hand, he has gained his popularity and brought the attention of the Winklevoss twins and friend, Narendra. Eventually, he got a job as programmer for their website, Harvard Connection. Subsequently, Mark shared his idea with Euardo about an online social networking website exclusive to Harvard University students-Thefacebook. Euardo contributed thousand dollars for the equipments while Mark was responsible for programming part. The website quickly became popular among the students once it went live. The Winklevoss twins and Narendra believed Mark steal their idea and they wanted to sue him for intellectual property theft. What will happen to Mark? How he expand his website to all over the world?

What is the first page you log on when you on your pc or laptop? Don't lie, must be Facebook. Photobucket Nowadays, who ever don't have Facebook account will be considered as outdated. Therefore, everyone is so curious about how this young billionaire successful in less than 10 years. Mark Zuckerberg has some commons with Bill Gates, both of them dropped out from Harvard University (Is this mean we all should stop study in university?) Photobucket and they are computer freak. As we knew, the formation of Facebook been through some barriers and it was resulting lawsuits. The storyline was good and real. Jesse Eisenberg from Zombieland carried the character well and he spoke really fast. Another credit goes to Justin Timberlake who acted as Sean Parker, the co-founder of Napster. He was the bad guy that tried to take over Facebook when he see it will be a potential business. So, watch it if you didn't read the book-The Accidental Billionaires. You won't feel bored throughout the movie because you need pay attention for their talkings.

You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.

Rating : ★★★★☆


吹水 - CHUI SUI said...

Mark keeps on rocking! :P

Yih Yann said...

@吹水 - CHUI SUI Yeah...he maybe is an asshole for cheated his friends but no doubt he is a smart guy =)

ken said...

i think it was a good movie, despite all the dialogues.. :)

Yih Yann said...

@ken It was an informatic movie and need to concentrate on their talkings. If miss will feel a bit lost...lol

Niki Cheong said...

I hope you enjoyed the show! :D

Yih Yann said...

@Niki Thank you for the tickets...I was enjoying myself during the movie =)

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