Thursday, November 25, 2010

Churp Churp Screening-Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale(3D)

Thanks to Churp Churp's invitation for the free 3D movie.


Release Date : 25 November 2010--->Watch on 24 September 2010 (Wednesday), 9.30pm at Cathay, E@Curve
Language : English
Genre : Animation
Running Time : 1 Hour 41 Minutes
Director : Byron Howard, Nathan Greno
Cast : Donna Murphy, Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi

My Penny of View : The story was largely based on the classic German fairy tale Rapunzel with a little modifications. A witch, Gothel was a selfish and always wished to stay young and beautiful. When she sang to a magical flower, she will become young and pretty. The queen was expecting a child but she fell sick. The whole kingdom was searching the mysterious flower but Gothel purposely hid it. The royal guard found the magical flower when Gothel ran excitedly and knocked off the camouflage. The queen healed and gave birth to a baby girl named Rapunzel. The magical flower gave Rapunzel golden hair and healing power. Gothel tried to cut off Rapunzel's hair but the healing power vanished. So, Gothel kidnapped Rapunzel and kept her in an isolated tower to keep herself young. She told Rapunzel there were evil people out there and they will steal her hair. After 18 years in the tower, Rapunzel eagerly wanted to go out from the tower but she was rejected by Gothel. One day, a thief, Flynn Rider appeared in the tower after chased by royal guards for being stole tiara of the missing princess. Is Flynn Rider a bad guy? Will Rapunzel out of the tower and back to the king and queen?

One sentence for this movie-Disney successfully did it again. We knew who is Rapunzel but this story not as popular as Snow White or Cinderella. There was some modifications. Rapunzel was saved by a prince in the original story but the long and golden hair still remain.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.

There was a lot of laughters as well. Besides the main characters, cute animals like Rapunzel's pet chameleon and doggie look alike royal horse enlightened the movie.



Lovely musical is essential for every Disney fairy tale. 3D effect was good especially the scene about the floating lights, it was a fantasy. It was a good movie for school holiday and for adults to release tension. Laughter always is the best medicine.

Rating :


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