Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Homestay Bunting Screening-Knight & Day

Thanks to Jeff and FeeqSays Network for the screening.


Release Date : 25 June 2010--->Watch on 26 June 2010 (Saturday), 11am at Cathay, E@Curve
Language : English
Genre : Action, Comedy
Running Time : 1 hour 51 minutes
Director : James Mangold
Cast : Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Peter Sarsgaard, Viola Davis, Olivier Martinez, Paul Dano, Maggie Grace, Marc Blucas

My Penny of View : This is another action comedy film after Killers. Roy bumped into June twice at airport and June thought he might be one the potential boyfriend. Roy was the secret agent. June went on the flight without any sense of dangerous. She was flirting with Roy as usual. June went into the washroom while Roy took care of the passengers on the plane who attacked him. All passengers included the pilots were dead. June still didn't know what happened and she kissed Roy. Roy told her about what had happened and June thought it was a joke until she saw Roy tried to fly the plane then only she believed it. Roy able to land the plane and he tried to calm June down. He explained to him what happened and what will going to happen to her. June was too nervous and Roy have to drug her to send her home. On the next day, June woke up in her own house and she found some post it notes that left by Roy. Then she went to her sister's bridesmaid's' dress fitting session. Everything went like normal and suddenly a guy came into the shop and told her about her car was blocking the road. June didn't suspect anything and followed him out. When she was out, a bunch of guys came near and told her that they knew what happened on the plane. They wanted her to follow them to a safe place and June just followed them. Suddenly, long gunfight on the highway happened and Roy appeared. What will happen to Roy and June? What exactly going on behind all this attack and fight?

This firm is almost similar with Killers with more mature leading actor and actress. Tom Cruise is handsome with great action just like in Mission Impossible and Cameron Diaz with her sunshine smile and demeanour, makes for that perfect eye-candy just like in Charlie's Angels. Somehow when time being, both of the charming actor and actress changed a lot (getting older). Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz share great chemistry together since their last pairing in Vanilla Sky. The story was exciting. You will see planes, trains and automobiles chasing each other. The film was took in beautiful place like Austria and another scene was bull fighting in Spain. This film was a great combination of laughter and action. Another movie for popcorn summer blockbuster film.

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