Monday, June 28, 2010

Movie Review-The Karate Kid


Release Date : 10 June 2010--->Watch on 21 June 2010 (Monday), 7.45pm at TGV, Jusco Kepong
Language : English
Running Time : 2 hours 12 minutes
Director : Harald Zwart
Cast : Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan

My Penny of View : This movie was known as The Kung Fu Kid in China and Best Kid in Japan and South Korea. This movie is a 2010 martial arts remake of the 1984 film with the same name. Story began with Dre who moved to Beijing, China with his mother to start a new life. Dre met Mei Ying and have crush on her. Cheng whose family close to Mei Ying saw Dre and he challenged Dre with Kung Fu. He beat Dre and also bullied him around the school. Dre didn't tell his mother about what happened and he tried to learn Kung Fu himself but yet he was unsuccessful because Cheng learned Kung Fu with an actual Kung Fu Master. One day, Mr.Han, a maintenance guy of Dre's building, saw how Cheng bullied Dre and he saved Dre. Mr.Han brought Dre to meet with Cheng's teacher to make peace but the teacher taught Cheng that no mercy to enemies. The teacher even challenged Dre to fight with Cheng. Mr.Han declined but they were not allowed to leave the place unless either one of them fight. Mr.Han proposed that Dre and Cheng fight in a upcoming tournament and Cheng have to leave Dre alone until tournament. Both parties agreed and Mr.Han started to give Dre training. Will Dre able to catch up Cheng's level and bear him in such a short period?

The story line was nothing special and predictable. I can say nowadays Jackie Chan has not so much of influence on the movie industry because he is getting old and kinda slow in fighting compare with previous movies. So, he need to partner with others like Jaden Smith or other kids to boost up the box office. Jaden Smith is son of Will Smith. Like father like son, he is pretty good in acting and dancing. He also is a rapper. Jaden Smith is a kid who totally have no martial art background but he has been trained up for this movie. The chemistry between Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan was pretty good. The movie was entertaining and definitely is one of the popcorn summer blockbuster film. I think Jaden Smith has a bright future too in entertainment industry.

Rating :


Lulu said...

Nice movie right~

y only 2 star? *_*

kenwooi said...

i think it was nice =)

Yih Yann said...

@Lulu Everyone have different opinion ma...I will prefer more action movies :)

Yih Yann said...

@kenwooi It was a entertaining movie :)

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