Sunday, May 2, 2010

Movie Review-Shutter Island


Release Date : 15 April 2010--->Watch on 30 April 2010 (Friday), 11.15pm at GSC, Midvalley
Language : English
Subtitle : Malay, Chinese
Running Time : 2 hours 18 minutes
Director : Martin Scorsese
Cast : Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, Emily Mortimer

My Penny of View : The story is a psychological mystery-thriller film which adopted from the 2003 novel of the same name by Dennis Lehane. Teddy Daniels, US Federal Marshal together with his partner Chuck went to Shutter Island for investigation on disappearance of Rachel Solando (a mother who drown her own children) who was vanished in a locked room. Shutter Island was a place for those criminally insane people. Teddy started investigation on patients who were in the same group therapy session together with Rachel. Then a patient warned him to run away from the island. Police told Teddy that they have searched everywhere but they can't get Rachel. Teddy doubted and he insisted go to the lighthouse to reveal the truth. Teddy was told by a former patient of Shutter Island that the doctors were doing some human experiments on the patients cruelly. Meanwhile, he kept dreaming about his dead wife. What will happen to Teddy Daniels? What exactly happening on the Shutter Island?

Shutter Island was one of the best selling novel by Dennis Lehane. Plus you going to watch the Leonardo DiCaprio in action. His acting skill has developed well from 'Titanic' until this character in the film that required emotionally distracted performance. His acting able to pull out the character of Teddy Daniels from the book. Someone who always have deep thinking and haunted by his dead wife. Supporting actors like Mark Ruffalo and Ben Kingsley did a great job too.

Somehow, the story was predictable and it was kinda boring because it was a psychological but not thriller and mystery enough. I was prepared to be scared but I was disappointed especially I even can predict the truth behind the mystery. Well, again I was cheated by the trailer. Probably because I don't really into this kind of psychological movie. Further Leonardo DiCaprio is getting old and plump too.

Rating :


戏痞三赖 said...

compare to johnny deep the secret window this one really lose on script and the anticipation is not that great as well...

Yih Yann said...

@戏痞三赖 Johnny Depp still better actor than Leonardo but the adoption not thrilling enough, made me wanna sleep :P

lala said...

tat y i say the anticipation is not good enough...kekekek

Yih Yann said...

@lala and my fren felt so disappointed because we thought we will be frigthen by the movie.

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