Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Movie Review-全城热恋热辣辣(Hot Summer Days)


Release Date : 25 February 2010--->Watch on 27 February 2010 (Saturday), 11am at Cathay, E@Curve
Language : Mandarin
Genre : Comedy
Running Time : 1 hour 34 minutes
Director : Tony Chan, Wing Shya
Cast : Rene Liu, Jacky Cheung, Nicholas Tse, Zhou Xun, Angela Yang, Jing Boran, Daniel Wu, Vivian Hsu, Duan Yihong, Fu Xinbo, Gordon Liu

My Penny of View : The movie consisted of six hot hot love story during the hot hot summer days. First was Jacky Cheung accidentally SMS wrongly to Rena Liu and from there they invented fantasy together-he was a Ferrari driver and she was a pianist. Slowly their love embarked and did it work which build on lies? Second story was about Daniel Wu-Sushi Master and Vivian Hsu-food critic. Vivian came back to Hong Kong to look for Daniel after so many years but Daniel still don't want to admit his feeling to her until she left. Daniel tried a lot of ways to get back her but he failed and he wanted to make her a perfect dinner to express his feeling. Will he success? Then we have Nicholas Tse-air conditioning repairer and a cool tomboy-Barbie Hsu. Nicholas was so curious on the girl and tried to get close to her. When the barrier broke between them, Nicholas fell in love with the good-hearted girl. However, Barbie was a cancer patient and she can't live long. Will he help her to fulfill her dream?

Forth story was happened during old time between Angelababy and Jing Boran. She gave him a challenge to prove his sincerity by standing under the hot sun at 12pm for 100 days. Meanwhile, the factory boss wanted to go after Angelababy and made her in dilemma. Who will she choose? Then was a famous photographer who fire a model and he became blind on the next day. He together with his assistant track down the model to resolve the curse. Will his blindness cure? Final story was about an old man who was leasing umbrella at the seaside. He keep flirting around but actually he missed his passed away wife deeply. What will be his ending?

I'm kinda looking forward for this movie to support Jacky Cheung especially now is the hottest season in Malaysia. The movie was fun with appearance with Calvin Choy from the Grasshoppers, Shawn Yue, Charlene Choi and Maggie Cheung(long time didn't watch Maggie on the screen). Besides the well acting Jacky, I think Nicholas Tse did a great job too(he need to work very hard to buy milk powder). Again, I will like to highlight Angelababy because I think she is so beautiful and talented. I'm admiring Vivian Hsu in the movie for being a never feel shy in expressing her feeling to the love one. Love is so simple but human tends to make it so complicated. Maybe due to the up and down, bitter and sweeter will make human addicted to love. I want to become Wasabi too. I hope everyone will have smooth-sailing romance. Photobucket

Rating :


~eRiC~ said...

sounds nice eh the show... almost got to watch it last week..

Yih Yann said...

@~eRiC~ Then you watch this week lo...I watch morning time and it seems like I bought the whole cinema..hahaha...feel so good

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