Monday, March 1, 2010

Movie Review-大兵小将(Little Big Soldier)


Release Date : 14 February 2010--->Watch on 20 February 2010 (Saturday), 9.50pm at TGV, Jusco Kepong
Language : Mandarin
Running Time : 1 hour 37 minutes
Director : Ding Sheng
Cast : Jackie Chan, Wang Lee Hom

My Penny of View : The story took place during the darkest time in China when all the small countries wanted to conquer each other. Jackie was a foot soldier and he pretended to be dead to save his own life. He accidentally found the General from rivals state-LeeHom and he planned to bring him back to his own country to exchange with land and peaceful life. During the journey, they met the General's brother who was try to kill him to get king position. The soldier was facing the dilemma whether he should save the General or betray him for the home ticket.

The whole movie was about Jackie and LeeHom. You will understand the inner stories if you read about the history of China. It was the darkest time for China but thanks to Emperor Qin Shi Huang to reunite the big China. Although he was a cruelest ever king in China history, but we can't deny his effort to unite the China and the magnificent of The Great Wall of China. Back to the movie, some people will feel boring when the whole movie was about Jackie and LeeHom only but I personally quite enjoy with LeeHom cool face and acting. He not only handsome, talented in singing, can play several musical instruments and he can act too. Additional with Jackie's funny kung fu movement will make the movie became more interesting.

Rating :


fufu said...

i just wanna support my long lost brother leehom =p hohohoho by downloading the movie later :) hihihi

Yih Yann said...

@fufu LeeHom definitely good in acting...sum mo...he is leng cai ooo

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