Thursday, February 4, 2010

Malacca Trip ~ Day1(26.12.2009) ~ McQuek's Sate Celup & Jonker Walk

Malacca is a great place to find delicious food. Our dinner will be McQuek's Sate Celup.

Taking this photo when too free

McQuek's Sate Celup

Self-service to take the raw material

Raw material kept in the refrigerator

The satay kuah

Sate Celup always is the specialty of Malacca especially if you like to eat satay. Just like eating steamboat, you just need to put the raw material into the satay soup and wait for it to be cooked. The waiters will come to help you to stir the satay soup in order it won't burn up. Overall, the food here was kept in a clean way and it made you feel safe to eat here (you won't get diarrhea). Luckily we reached there quite early, if not it was hard to get a table. After full dinner, we walked along Jonker Street.

There were many things you can see at Jonker Street, from food to unique decorations, you can bargain for it. We went to Jou Yee and Pooi Fong's hotel for exchange Christmas presents. 小娘惹 shooting took place at this hotel.

To be continued...


sock peng said...

为什么你们要选择这一间satay celup?

Yih Yann said...

@sock peng: My fren recommend one...she said this restaurant cleaner...anytime wrong with it?

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