Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Old Town White Coffee in Bandar Menjalara

Old Town White Coffee is now opening in Bandar Menjalara. It's just located next to the Shell petrol station. When you pass the Shell petrol station, you just turn left and there are parking space available for you. On 31.01.2010 (Sunday), papa and I went to this restaurant to have a light breakfast.

The menu

White Coffee and Xi Mut Milk Tea

Homemade Sticky Rice

Omega Egg on Toast

I guess due to this restaurant just started operate the day before I went, the waiters seems quite hard to cope with the busy Sunday. I hope they will improve because I really like the white coffee.


Anonymous said...

Their service is damn slow n they can't even remember wat u have ordered..haiz..all labour waiter pretending u r not calling them..So dissapointed..

Yih Yann said...

Anonymous That was so phatetic...anyway...we alwyas has choices...

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