Sunday, December 20, 2009

Zhao Keat's Wedding Ceremony

On 06.12.2009 (Sunday) was a good and sunny day. Many couples get married on this day. My family and I have attended Zhao Keat's wedding ceremony.

Photo session with the beautiful bride

Although this is an ordinary Savvy, but it was a meaningful car for the lovely couple

The bridegroom reached to pick up his bride

The brothers playing game

The bridegroom writing the letter of love

Another game to play the brothers-limbo rock

Finally the bridegroom can enter the house after many challenges

The final round of negotiation before he able to see the bride

The happy couple

Momo with our niece-Fong Ling

The sisters

Mama & Papa 'lim teh'

The bride & bridegroom's new room

Nowadays, bridegroom want to get his bride is not an easy job. Besides need to follow the tradition wedding ceremony, the bridegroom need to go through many challenges to show his sincere heart. Therefore, the brothers play an important role to help the bridegroom. It has been lightened up the conservative tradition wedding ceremony. Photobucket


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@sock peng Wah!very seldom see...then the ceremony should be very serious and quiet

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