Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Movie Review-Bodyguards & Assassins(十月围城)

Release Date : 18 December 2009--->Watch on 18 December 2009 (Friday), 10pm at GSC, 1 Utama
Language : Mandarin
Running Time : 2 hours 19 minutes
Director : Teddy Chen
Cast : Donnie Yen, Wang Xue Qi, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Nicholas Tse, Hu Jun, Eric Tsang, Li Yu Chun, Simon Yam, Fan Bin Bin, Zhou Yun, Wang Po Chieh, Leon Lai

My Penny of View : The story line was very simple. It was took place during Revolutions against Manchu Qing Dynasty. Dr Sun Zhong San was a leader for the Revolutions. He went to Hong Kong to have meeting with other leaders from different states to discuss about the strategy to ensure the Revolutions successful. Therefore, he have became the target of Manchu Qing Dynasty but due to Hong Kong was conquered by British, so they can't murder Dr Sun open and aboveboard. They have send a group of martial arts experts led by Hu Jun to kill Dr Sun. Tony Leung was one of the Dr Sun's supporters. He arranged the meeting and he made sure Dr Sun was safe during the journey to Hong Kong. Tony Leung sought for the local Tycoon played by Wang Xue Qi for financial support. When Tony caught by the Machu assassins, the Tycoon led a group of bodyguards to ensure the mission will accomplish. It's a sacrificial of self for the greater good of the community at large, knowing the dangers involved, with the hopes of a new future pinned to the survival of one charismatic man that was Dr Sun. Many people died before, during and after Dr Sun's arrival. Thanks to the great scarification, the Revolutions was successful and now China is one of great country in the world.

When Dr Sun sat in trishaw and went through the streets of Hong Kong, it made me think of setting for video game. The Manchu assassins attacked the trishaws at various pit stops and yet they still able to escape. When Dr Sun arrived at the place for meeting, his substitute continued his journey to his old house. Here we go again the setting video game. When Wang Xue Qi recruiting the bodyguards optimized the dangerous of the mission. Donnie Yen as mercenary gambler was the main actor of the movie. His fight with Chung Le provided one of the major set action piece but somehow it was not as good as Ip Man.

Leon Lai as kung fu master and beggar kinda made the movie looks funny especially when he about to die after fighting with a bunch of assassins. As conclusion, his outlook not suitable for oldies movie. Nicholas Tse played very well as the simple-minded and loyal Rickshaw Man. He looks so thin in this movie. I think Simon Yam died too fast in this movie but you still able to see his great acting. I think he purposely put up some weight for this movie. It was quite interesting to identify the familiar faces such as Jacky Cheung, Eric Tsang and Michelle Reis. The movie was quite violent but educated. The bravo talk about the meaningful of Revolution and democracy to sweep away corruption and oppression which has change the history of China.

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