Thursday, September 17, 2009

Perth Trip ~ Day 1(05.08.2009) ~ Pizza Express

After a few hours of enjoying the beauty of nature in Perth Zoo, all of us were exhausted and hungry. We have decided to eat whatever food that caught our first sight.

Pizza Express

The ingredients

The Menu

We are ready to eat

Seafood Supreme

Hawaiian Supreme

Leng told us that this Pizza Express is one of the popular Italian restaurant in Perth. The total bill of two pizzas was AU$28. The pizzas were delicious and the owner was friendly. She explained very well on the attractions of Perth and she even wrote suggested itinerary on a piece of paper. We felt grateful that we met someone that is willing to share and proud of her own country. Photobucket When our stomach has been filled up, we walked back to One World Backpackers for rest. Although it was a raining evening, but we able to enjoy the lovely scene of Perth.

The eye during night time

London Court during night peaceful

Great Western Hotel, now know as the Brass Monkey

End of Day 1


sock peng said...

pizza look like a bit expensive

Yih Yann said...

--->sock peng:The pizza was delicious. If it divided equally and not convert into RM, it still consider ok geh :)

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