Saturday, June 13, 2009

Book Review - The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Author : Mitch Albom
Language : English
Genre(s) : Novel
Publisher : Little, Brown & Time Warner Paperbacks
Publication date : 25 September 2003

My Penny of View : The story began with Eddie's 83 birthday. He worked as maintenance guy in a fun fair after he came back from World War Two and he injured as a crutch. He was a lonely and stubborn old man. This day was a special day for him but he never know this day was his last day on earth. He went to work as usual and do his maintenance job at the Freddy's FreeFall. There was a accident happened at the fun fair and a little girl was about to get killed. Eddie saved the little girl without consideration but he has scarified himself and he continues his journey to heaven.

The first people Eddie met was the The Blue Man. He doesn't remember he met this guy before in his life. The Blue Man explained that Eddie was indirectly causing his death when Eddie was a small kid. He also told Eddie that he will meet five people in heaven. He added: "Some you knew, maybe some you didn't. But they all crossed your path before they died. And they altered it forever."(p.35). The first lesson is that all of us are connected with each other. Everything we do may affect others.

The second people Eddie met was The Captain. He met The Captain during the war where he got his gunshot wound. After came back from war, Eddie never further on his life to achieve his life goal but always used his inability to blame everything. The Captain admitted to Eddie that he was the one shot him during the war to save his life. Eddie was so angry after listen to his explanation but he thanked the Captain of saving his life previously because he understand that The Captain has doing his best. The second lesson is about forgiveness.

The third people Eddie met was Ruby. Ruby Pier was built by Ruby's wealthy husband where Eddie used to work there. Eddie never meet Ruby during his life so it means that events before we are born still affect our lives, as do the people before us. Ruby told Eddie she was so regret that she didn't stay by her father when he was dying. The third lesson stress the importance of forgiveness. We feel angry with other people means we putting burden on our own. If we forgive people, we will feel release.

The forth people Eddie met was his wife, Marguerite. She died young and Eddie has spend 40 years loneliness. He was mad and sad for her death. It was never easy for us to deal with death of the love one. Although the love one died but the feeling of love still on going. The forth lesson is although there is no physically connection between the loves one but the memory growing stronger to ensure our life become greater.

The fifth people Eddie met was a Filipino girl, Tala. Eddie killed Tala accidentally previously during war time. Eddie asked for Tala's forgiveness. He felt sad that he never do anything meaningful. Tala told him that he able to save the little children life. The final lesson is that life is short and make sure we have a meaningful life time.

I get to know about this book from a lovely friend and book review on newspaper. The book is a short and easy to understand story. I understand the powerful of forgiveness because I know this is a small world and you never know you will meet the people you hate again in the future but forgive doesn't mean forget. There are 3 types of people in this world-friend, enemy and nobody. You can categorize the enemy as nobody then you will have a happy life.

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Lulu said...

I seems interesting and I feel I wanna read it!

fufu said...

i thought will have 6...the last one supposed to be fufu =p hahhaa

Yih Yann said...

--->Lulu:Ya...simple and meaningful. We can exchange book to read, I saw your book review oso seems very interesting.

Yih Yann said...

--->fufu:Ya...I think you can come out with another book 6th people you meet in hell and include you lo :D

左手 said...

can u read mandarin?
i can't read your blog article,the background seen to be so complicated mixed with all those line.
but anyway,i appreciate for visiting my blog. hope u will come again.

Yih Yann said...

--->左手:I can read chinese. Now I try to find another templete. Any idea where to find the perfect templete?

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