Monday, February 23, 2009

Bangkok Trip~Day 3(16.01.2009) ~ Gems Factory & The Grand Palace(Partial)

People say trip to Bangkok is incomplete without the visit to the one must-see sight - The Grand Palace. Therefore, we have decided to pay a visit to The Grand Palace on this day. After negotiation with the van driver, he can bring us to The Grand Palace with reasonable price but with a condition that he will send us to a gems factory first.

We were taking breakfast before we go visit The Grand Palace. You can see who are the persons from the same school.

Gems factory

When we reached this gems factory, I felt we are just like we are in the 珠光宝气 drama. The workers were working on the gems professionally. Photobucket
Then we walked to another section that selling the gems. The salesperson was too 'professional'. She followed us everywhere included toilet to promote the gems and she even can speak Cantonese. When we decided to leave before we fell into their 'trap', we speak Malay in order they can't understand on what we said. Who know they also can speak Malay. Photobucket
Then we continued our journey to The Grand Palace.

Outside of The Grand Palace

We were walking towards the entrance

Nice palace view

The entry fees is 350 bath for foreigner and FOC for local people. Due to our cash was 'Sendirian Berhad', so we decided not to enter The Grand Palace and just took some pictures outside. We even think to pretend as local people to sneak inside The Grand Palace. Photobucket

After took some pictures, we moved to another destination - Khao San Road.

To be continued...


anw4ever99 said...

nice photos

sock peng said...

last 3 photo's view is nice

vialentino said...

been a long time since i visit the thai grand palace....over 15 yrs ago

Yih Yann said...

Thanks...some photos are taken by my frens, they are great photographer.

Yih Yann said...

From outside also can see the view is awesome, I'm sure inside will be a better view.

Yih Yann said...

-->vialentino:15 years???you should go back to see whether is there any changes :)

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