Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bangkok Trip~Day 3(16.01.2009) ~ Khao San Road, Platinum & Chinatown

We moved on to our next destination - Khao San Road (the centre of the backpacking universe). It seems like very near from The Grand Palace according to the map, therefore we decided to walk over there. We trusted Daniel's GPS to bring us there. We crossed the wide road and the walking took about 30 minutes. We were so exhausted and hungry.

Unique statute at the center of the road

Finally we have reached Khao San Road. We quickly grabbed whatever food we saw.

Fried noddles & spring roll

We needed to boost up our energy first before we continued our journey

Famous mango sticky rice


Lots of choices

You will hope you can buy all of these

After Khao San Road, we continued shopping at Platinum Fashion Mall. All the shop lots here all small and no trying room. They are doing wholesales, so if you buy many and you will get special price. Luckily I have my another two girl friends and I able to get great price for stuffs I like.

When it's dinner time, we decided to eat at Chinatown. The traffic here was so busy, we thought taking tuk tuk will be the fastest way to reach Chinatown. Chinese are everywhere on this earth, so you can find Chinatown in almost every country.

Beautiful night view of Chinatown

Wantan Mee-the taste normal and the portion just half of what I have in KL

Bird nest for 100 bath-I rather pay RM48 per bowl for the bird nest that I can see

Fried Kuey Kat-only sweet taste

Icy lotus mix-this is nice and cooling

I think this Chinatown just a place that purposely build to make it as another attraction. The people here can't speak Chinese and I found that some of the words of the food are wrong. Maybe their gred gred grandparents are Chinese but when they stay in Thailand for long then they have forgotten their mother tongue. I also kinda disappointed with the food here-nothing special and expensive.

We went back to hostel to clean up and get ready for clubbing.

Great stuffs I grabbed on this day

To be continued...


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