Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bangkok Trip~Day 1(14.01.2009) ~ MK Trendi & Siam Paragon

After we put down our baggage, we went out to 'cure' our hungry stomach. We passed by a travel agency, we quickly signed up for the Ayutthaya trip for the next day. Then we took BTS to Siam Paragon station.

Nana Station which is very near to our hostel

The fare information and route

Overview of the station


This BTS system is just like our LRT and I can say that their system is better than Malaysia. The fare information and the route is easy to understand, the frequency of train is high, it is on time and clean. I can say their system is right after Singapore MRT.

The signage

The environment of the restaurant

Cooling watermelon shake

The roster duck

Before the raw material become my food

Ready for me to eat Photobucket

Melanie, me & Berry

Photobucket Actually the steamboat is nothing special because there are a lot of steamboat in Malaysia. The most important is I can feel full after eating. Then we headed over to Siam Paragon.

The beautiful signage of Siam Paragon

Outside of Siam Paragon

The deco when you walk in the Siam Paragon

Nice sport car 1

Nice sport car 2

Beautiful deco 1

Beautiful deco 2

The giant green bunny

Me & Mr. Bear

Night view of Siam Paragon 1

Night view of Siam Paragon 2

Berry & Me

This Siam Paragon is just like our Pavilion KL, there are all those high class and branded shops. People here all dressed up, even those students seems like they can wear what ever they likes to school. I didn't buy anything here. Me and Berry had experience finding Melanie around because we thought we lost her after we came out from fitting room plus her handphone has no roaming. Luckily she knew the way go back to the place that we gathered. We continue our journey finding our dinner.

To be continued...


The Malaysian Explorer said...

Looks like you guys really have a good time in Bangkok. Thanks for the lovely photos. I've yet found time to upload all the photos I took 2 weeks ago when I was there.

I'll be posting it onto my Bangkok page here:

Visit Bangkok page
for quick facts and interesting information about Bangkok.

Visit Malaysia Facts
for quick facts and interesting information about Malaysia.

Yih Yann said...

Ya...we have great time there...Thanks for your visit :)

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