Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bangkok Trip~Day 1(14.01.2009) ~ Dinner & Drinks and Naraya

We took about 15 minutes walk from Siam Paragon to reach our dinner place. This food stall is just outside Central World and it is only open at 8pm. Although this is a normal roadside food stall, but we found difficult to get tables for our big gang. This day is weekdays but there were so many people eating here, is it means that people in Thailand don't cook at home? Photobucket

This is their specialty-烧鱼. The fish was so fresh, they only use simple herbs and salt to cover the skin, then they just bake the fish on charcoals. The taste is so nice but too much of bones. Later I found out they are so cruel to the fish. They put the herbs into the fish's mouth when it is still alive. Photobucket

The salad

Tong Yam Kung-only taste salty and not spicy as I expected

The main character with the long lasting chili

The Char Siao

After the full dinner, we walked back to Central World because I must go check it out the Naraya shop.

Outside of Central World

The signage of Naraya

The shop

Especially made for Chinese New Year

Another full set of design

Everyone included guys has bought something from Naraya. Then we saw there is a drinking place outside Central World, we have decided to sit down to have a drink before we go back to our hostel.

Singing band on the stage

Top of Central World

One tower of Heineken

Group photo 1 when drinking

Group photo 2 when we passed by this beautiful bridge

How we able to take the above group picture? It's all thanks to gorillaz tripod. Photobucket

My 战利品 of the day Photobucket

PhotobucketEnd of Day 1


Anonymous said...

Seems you guys also did a lot in Bangkok. We also had the bbq fish near Central World.

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Yih Yann said...

That is just the first day...still have 3 days to go :)

sock peng said...

your Naraya bag is nice look .....
expensive ?

lcfu said...

wow!!! the area of paragon,siam chenter, mbk etc is much better than bukit bintang!!! miss bangkok so much~~

Yih Yann said...

-->Sook Peng : The Naraya bag only 295bath...I reali like the shape

Yih Yann said...

I miss Bangkok too...I regret I bought too little bags :D

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