Monday, December 1, 2008

Small Kid's 童言无忌

Today when I sit down surfing Internet, suddenly 文杰 came near me. Below is the conversation :

文杰 : 姐姐, you don't want play hula hoop?
Me : Now don't want, later when I free only play.
文杰 : Why don't want?
Me : I just finish eat dinner.
文杰 : You better looks a bit fat. Faster play la...
Me : 。。。


Anyway, there was supernatural phenomena happened which make my night brighter. Look at the picture below.

It was a smiley which is a combination of two stars and moon. I saw it outside my house.



sock peng said...

i like the photo sharing

Keep smile :)

u not fat lah :P

PikuLingu said...

I saw it too,I also took the picture of the smiling moon! It's so Nice!

lcfu said...


TINTIN said...

If ur fat, then I'm what?? lol~

Yih Yann said...

Thanks all...

Anne said...

i miss it..............T.T

Yih Yann said... ok...I heard 5 years once

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