Wednesday, November 26, 2008

黄明志 In Action Again!

Remember our 'hero' that so creative in modify our National Song into 'Negarakuku'? I saw on the news that he still need to attend court for his action on try to challenge our government after he came back from Taiwan. Now he has a new product which giving ABC lesson together with sentence making.

The video start with the cute children song which is ABC song together with scene shows women breast cup size from A to Z. This is going spoil the originality of the song and give the harmful eduction to our children. "A" no longer stand for "Apple" and "B" no longer stand for "Boy". I totally feel disgusting with this video and feel shameful that he is a Malaysian.

In Western country, there are many movies such as Scary Movie likes to take sex or women as topic to make fun with. People will feel entertaining while watching it but when we see young man like 黄明志 so dare to modify our National Song and create ABC video, we hardly accept it.

You guys can go to Youtube to search for 丘老師ABC時間. This video has 2 parts. Maybe we can give a big hand for his daring and creativity but not until destroy our small children song, 教坏小孩.



sock peng said...


Yih Yann said...

I really no eye see la...

lcfu said...

good part - very entertaining, smart
bad part - he is an idiot

Yih Yann said...

I totally agree with lcfu...

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