Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lai Sien's Wedding Ceremony

This morning me & Berry woke up early morning to attend Lai Sien's wedding ceremony in Serdang Chinese Methodist Church. We drove all the way to Serdang and reached on time for the ceremony.

The main characters of the day

This is first time I attend wedding ceremony in a church. I have missed Julia's wedding previously, so this round I can open eye. They sing 诗歌 to bless the couple. We keep stand up and sit down.

Exchange rings

After the ceremony completed, we went down for cut cake and refreshment.

Wedding cake

Pretty bride

Cutting cake

Me & Berry with the couple

Lai Sien & Me

Finally the whole ceremony ending happily. I hope Lai Sien & Ben live happily ever after.


sock peng said...

congratulation to ur friend
the cake look yummy :P

Yih Yann said...

The 3 layers cake is real cake o...

Lulu said...


I like ur top!

Yih Yann said...

I always like this kind of tube but not really dare to wear it :D

Anne said...

congratulation to ur friend....
wow~ u look great...
me takut to wear tat type of cloth...cuz me fat......T.T

Yih Yann said...

Anne...actualy my arm oso very fat o...jz i adjust the posture in order look slim :D

女爵士 said...

Lai Sien was my roomate in year 2001. That time I was in my first year of degree in UPM, and she was in her first year of her diploma.

I remembered the day she came back from countdown (I could not recall what kind of countdown), she told me that,

"Jayce, I am not available already! I fall in love with Ben."

Yeah, I was kinda "witness" of the developement of her love story with Ben. Haha. Ben was a senior in our hostel.

However, after graduated, we did not really keep in touch.

Feel happy to see her found her Mr Right.

Yih said...

What a small small world! I also feel happy for her too :) Lets give her blessing.

Winnie's Blog said...

Your fren Mr Ben has similair look with FMM HR Consultant Mr Heng.

Yih Yann said...

He just like those good husband material lo

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