Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Birthday

This day (22.10.2008) is my birthday. I went to work as usual because I don't have any big plan. Winnie, Wai Ling & CK bought a cake for me.

Look! This is the cake they bought-American Chocolate Cake.

Me posting with the cake

Making wishes

Blowing candles

Cutting cake

CK, Wai Ling & Me

Winnie, Wai Ling & Me

I have another cake when I went home.


ksteeng1122 said...

Wow....u have a wonderful birthday celebration this year many birthday cakes.....I wish u Happy Birthday! Wish u all the best!

Simon K said...

WAhahaha...1022 lol
we r in the same dayz ^^

Happy Belated Birthday

Yih Yann said...

@ksteeng1122 and @Simon K Your wishes meant a lot for me...thanks!

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