Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gathering+My Belated Birthday Celebration

Date : 25.10.2008 (Saturday)
Time : 6pm-12am
Venue : Shabu-Shabu, Puchong
Friendster Cafe, Sunway Pyramid

Early morning (actually 11am is not that early but I still dreaming) Jou Yee give me a morning call saying that Pooi Fong and her have arrived KL. They are heading to 1 Utama before meet up with me, Chai Chin and See Ying for Shabu-Shabu. So I in charge to fetch Chai Chin and bring Jou Yee & friends to Shabu-Shabu in Puchong and meet See Ying over there.

The Shabu-Shabu Restaurant Signboard

Full house...luckily I booked earlier

I ate two plates...then only is worth for RM26.50

The soup I cooked...Yummy

Jou Yee, Pooi Fong & Siew Mei are posting

After the full dinner, we are moving to Sunway Pyramid for chit-chatting at Friendster Cafe.

Jou Yee, Pooi Fong, Me & Chai Chin posting in front of McDonald

The Friendster Cafe Signboard

I was so touched that my friends have prepared a surprise for me. They planned to celebrate belated birthday for me. However, the old man said it is not good to blow candles again after the actual birthday. So, they did not sing birthday song and I also did not blow any candle. The surprise was very special because it was not ordinary cake, it was jellies.

The small jellies

The main character-Pinky Bear

Me posting with the jellies

Chai Chin & Me

Add in See Ying & Jou Yee

Finally add in Pooi Fong

Although it was just a short gathering, but we all have a great time. Time pass very fast, we have graduated two years (the third year is coming). I still can remember how we met up in university. After graduated, we all moving on to another stage of life. I really appreciated every moments to gather with my lovely buddies. I hope they always in the pink of health and all the best in everything.


馆长::Lu-lu said...

Yeah...I went to Shabu-Shabu b4! Interesting idea for steamboat~

Yih Yann said...

Yup...but of coz no matter how much we eat also not really can eat back the price we pay :P

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Friendster Cafe still exist?
I thought already closed down...

Yih Yann said...

Friendster in Sunway is still open but i not sure the Damansara Perdana still or not la :P

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