Saturday, June 28, 2008

Me 感冒了!

Sob sob...I got flu since yesterday but last night still went to have steamboat.(歹死) Today went to see doctor but my panel doctor was closed today. (Why God treat me like this?) Then went to another clinic, the doctor was out for lunch and need to wait another 20 minutes. (Why my life so terrible?)

After got doctor consultation, I went back to fetch my family to have lunch together. I met my music teacher in the restaurant. (This make my day won't that worse) She said I become prettier (This make my day better :P). After lunch went back home for rest.

I still wondering whether I still can go celebrate Berry's birthday tonight? Or maybe just have dinner? How about clubbing? Do I need to drive my own car?

Better I go rest now then think about those issues later. Good day.


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