Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hong Kong Trip-德記山水豆腐花

Besides shopping and praying at Lantau Island(大嶼山), you must try the famous 山水豆腐花. There are many shops along the way before you enter the temple, not sure which one is the famous one but we try the 德記山水豆腐花.


We ordered 山水豆腐花 and bought the curry fish ball(I always heard from TVB drama, want to try how different is it).


Photobucket The fish ball is different, crunchy skin with the special sauce. It's HKD10 for the small one.


Photobucket The 山水豆腐花 is soft and smooth like egg. Although the shop is crude and they use a very common plastic bowl to fill the 山水豆腐花, but the brown sugar and ginger taste is just nice to make it a perfect dessert. I guess they use the water from mountain that make it so special. It's HKD10 for a bowl.


fufu said...

wow wow wow 豆腐花!!! 2yrs taklak makan ><

Yih Yann said...

@fufu: I bring you eat when you back. got many things to eat when you are back ;P

ken said...

looking yummy!

Yih Yann said...

@ken: Good environment with a simple dessert...what a perfect match :)

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