Sunday, April 10, 2011

Movie Review-Don't Go Breaking My Heart(单身男女)


Release Date: 31 March 2011--->Watch on 09 April 2011 (Saturday), 12.10am at GSC, Midvalley
Language: Mandarin / Cantonese
Genre: Romance
Running Time: 2 Hours 2 Minutes
Director: Johnnie To
Cast: Louis Koo, Daniel Wu, Gao Yuan Yuan

My Penny of View : Movie started with Chi Yan who woke up from sleep and prepared herself for work. She saw her ex boyfriend's wife on the bus. It was an awful situation. Her ex boyfriend asked her to go off from the bus so his wife won't feel sad. Chi Yan met Kevin who was architect that lost his inspiration. Kevin helped Chi Yan to get out from her pain for being dumped and Chi Yan encouraged Kevin to wake up from his disillusion. They became good friends and Kevin fell in love to her. Chi Yan met Sean who was a CEO of a financial institution from the opposite building. They interacted with each other using Post-It-Notes. Slowly Chi Yan fell in love to Sean and both of them decided to meet. What will happen to Chi Yan, Kevin and Sean? In the end, who will Chin Yan choose?

This is a romantic comedy movie with combination of handsome guys and pretty girl. I'm sure girls will feel entertaining by two pretty boys and their acting. I think my guys friends enjoyed the show too because it was about the real facts about relationship. Louise Koo and Daniel Wu possesses two different type of guys. Both of them are handsome, successful and they are in love with Gao Yuan Yuan. The only different is Louise Koo is a playboy and Daniel Wu is a Martian who loyal to her love. Love feeling is very important but we should look at the reality. If a guy is a playboy, don't ever think to change him. He won't change because of you, silly girl. So, if you have a better choice, why not go for it? Finding life partner is part of our life. Try and error is one of the method but I will say we should not lose ourself. I really enjoy myself and definitely it's a good movie to watch. The storyline between Louise Koo and Gao Yuan Yuan seems like a combination of both of the videos below.

One of the romantic propose scene.



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