Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sony Malaysia Screening-The Green Hornet

Thanks to Daniel and Sony Malaysia for the free screening.


Release Date : 27 January 2011--->Watch on 25 January 2011(Tuesday), 9pm at GSC, Midvalley
Language : English
Subtitle : English / Chinese
Genre : Action / Adventure
Running Time : 1 Hour 58 Minutes
Director : Michel Gondry
Cast : Cameron Diaz, Christoph Waltz, Edward Furlong, Jay Chou, Seth Rogen

My Penny of View : Britt was an irresponsible playboy. His widower father, James owned a LA newspaper. One day, James died because of allergic reaction to a bee sting. After funeral, Britt fired all James' close staffs. Then only he realized Kato was the one who made his favorite coffee. Kato was James' mechanic and a skilled martial art. When Britt got to know better about Kato, he found out that both of them hated James and they went to the graveyard to cut off head of James' memorial statue as payback. On the way back, they saw a couple being mugged and they rescued them. Britt felt so meaningful for their success and he convinced Kato that they should become crime fighters. Kato agreed and he built Black Beauty while Britt thought of their costumes. They called them as The Green Hornet. What will happen to them? Will they successful fight the criminals?

This superhero action-comedy film was a based on the character of the same name and Seth Rogen co-wrote with the screenplay with Evan Goldberg. The movie was entertaining. The flow of movie went quite well but ending I think slightly stupid. Seth Rogen did it again as a comedian. He was slow and didn't have any martial art background Green Hornet. While Jay Chou worked pretty hard to perform the actions, acting and his English. I think Seth and others have gave in a lot of patience to Jay for his English because he speaks really slow. I didn't watch 3D but I can see the effects was good in 2D. Anyway, let's clap hands for Jay because he managed to expand his popularity into Hollywood and he did it well. He didn't use any substitute for the fighting scenes according to his song lyrics, 超人不能飞. So, if you are Jay's fans, you should support him in cinema.

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