Friday, April 2, 2010

Jogoya Lunch Buffet

On 29.03.2010(Monday), I went to try the Jogoya Lunch Buffet at Starhill with Daniel. HSBC is running promotion Buy 1 free 1 for lunch(RM78++), dinner(RM88++) or supper(RM78++) from 01 March 2010 until 30 April 2010(Monday to Thursday).

Outside the Jogoya Buffet Restaurant

Nice environment

Dim Sum

Japanese Steamboat

Deep Fried Seafood

Drinks Bar-the colourful one are cocktail

Chocolate Fondue

New Zealand Natural Ice-Cream

Haagen-Dazs Ice-Cream

Sushi! Sushi!

Oyster-yummy Photobucket

Scallop! Abalone!

Normal Sushi-I didn't take this

But I take lots of this kind of sushi

Food you need to order and they will serve

Pudding! Guai Ling Gao!

Tiramisu! Pudding!

Yum yum...cakes

Japanese dessert

Photobucket We ate from 11.30am until 3pm but there will be time limit during weekend. I love the food so much because I'm the Japanese food fans and the environment is big enough to accommodate lots of people. Can you imagine how much they earn everyday? If you are Japanese food lover, ice-cream lover and your stomach can take the cold raw food like sashimi, long leg crab and oyster, the price is definitely worth for it. You also can drink the fragrance Thai coconut as many as possible. Besides the food and drinks, I think the service is good(that's why we are paying 10% service charge). If you want to try this promotion, you have to bear the expensive parking, it's RM2.50 per hour for weekdays. However, it will be RM5 per entry for weekends, Public Holiday, JW Marriott Hotel tenants and after 6pm for weekdays. Check out for more promotions on Jogoya website.

For more photos on food, you can check out my Facebook photo album.


Lulu said...

Gonna have dinner at Shogun coming Friday...can enjoy ur visual Jogoya first~


Yih Yann said...

@Lulu The last time I went Shogun, one person only one baked oyster. Hopefully now they have improve.

gigi said...

stumbled upon your blog while searching for jogoya serves long leg crab?? can post the picture of the long leg crabs? much thanks for sharing. may the law of attraction bring you more happiness.

Yih Yann said...

@gigi I broswed through photos I took, I see there was crab but not long leg crab. I was more focusing on oyster :P

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