Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Star Screening-Edge of Darkness

Thanks to Daniel invites me for the screening.


Release Date : 11 March 2010--->Watch on 10 March 2010 (Wednesday), 9pm at GSC, 1 Utama
Language : English
Subtitle : Malay, Chinese
Genre : Thriller
Running Time : 1 hour 56 minutes
Director : Martin Campell
Cast : Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone, Danny Huston

My Penny of View : Story began with Thomas Craven who picked up his daughter-Emma who came home for visit. During dinner preparation, her nose was bleeding and she threw up violently. Thomas quickly brought Emma go to the nearest hospital but once they stepped out from the house, someone with mask shouted 'Craven' and shot Emma. Thomas was so upset because it was happened too fast and Emma died in his arms. Everyone thought Thomas was the target of the gunman because he was a police detective and the gunman shot Emma accidentally instead of Thomas. When Thomas unpacked Emma's belongings, he found a pistol and he suspected that Emma was the gunman's target. He traced from Emma's diary, contacts in cellphone and work place. The more truth he found out, the more dangerous he was. Can Thomas reveal the truth behind Emma's death?

Mel Gibson is famous of Lethal Weapon series with action movement. I can see from this movie he is getting old but his fighting movement still not bad from the scene he was attacked by Emma's boyfriend. Now only I noticed he is not that tall especially when he standing side by side with another person. There is too much of talking in the movie and it quite boring. Luckily there were a few scenes that able to wake me up. First was the scene that Emma was shot. The bleeding was so scary. Then, it was the scene which Emma's friend bang by a very fast car right after she gave information to Thomas and ready to get down from the car. I knew she can't stay alive after gave the information but never think that the moment come so fast and the sound effect really scared me. The story line was logical and I kinda like the ending. Father will do whatever for the lovely daughter no matter what happen. I think probably this was an uncensored version of movie, I still can hear many 'fuck' words in it. Photobucket

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