Saturday, March 13, 2010

1st Day of CNY + V Day at Yuzu Japanese Restaurant & G6

This year Chinese New Year was so special because it was Valentine's Day too. There was nothing to regret if you don't have someone special to celebrate with. I was having fun time celebrating with a bunch of great friends on this special day. Our celebration started with dinner at Yuzu Japanese Restaurant located at The Gardens.

Great lighting

All single and available-Douglas, me, Robin, Tony and Clarie

Scallop rice

Chicken Katsu Don

Fried Salmon

My Chawamushi

Unagi Chawamushi

Garlic rice

Fried Squid

I forget what is it

I think the environment of the restaurant is comfortable but the service kinda slow, need to call few times then the waiters only will get what you need. It was probably due to it was festive season. They were giving a free special Valentine's dish on that day. Overall, I think the food was average. We continued our night with movie-Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief. The night was still young after movie, we went back to The Gardens for some drinks at G6.

Me, Douglas, Siew Chui, Tony and Sam

Chinese New Year mood plus Valentine's Day mood

It was my first time drinking at G6 (I'm kinda outdated lately). I think the the lighting of the club is too bright and make me too conscious. Anyway, then fun outing is depends on who you hang out with instead of the venue. All photos took by Robin Chew with his DSLR (I'm not dare to take out my ordinary digital camera Photobucket). Visit his photo album in Facebook for more great photos. Photobucket


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