Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CNY Eve Lunch at Yu He Restaurant (云河大酒家)

The sequence of posting kinda mixed up but I just want to introduce the restaurant to all my readers. We went to have this luxury lunch before Chinese New Year as 收工酒. Photobucket

They are raising swallow birds here too

The main character-Blast Ginseng Cubilose (泡参燕窝)-RM48 each

Sambal prawn

Fried Kai Lan

Steam fish

The location of the restaurant is located at Batang Berjuntai and it is quite deep inside because you can't see from the road side but I strongly recommend because the food here is worth for you to travel so far. There are many tourists visit to this place for delicious food and understand the production process of bird nest. The Blast Ginseng Cubilose is worth for the price. Photobucket


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