Sunday, January 10, 2010

Movie Review-Avatar (3D)


Release Date : 17 December 2009--->Watch on 02 January 2010 (Saturday), 6.15pm at GSC, Midvalley
Language : English
Running Time : 2 hours 43 minutes
Director : James Cameron
Cast : Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez, Stephen Lang

My Penny of View : The film began with introduction of the mining operation at planet Polyphemus in 2154. There were Na’vi, a blue-skinned species staying on this planet. They were physically stronger and taller than humans, and they worshiped a mother goddess called Eywa. Human need to use oxygen masks to survive on this planet. To have a closer connection with the Na'vi, the scientist created avatar program which the human-Na’vi hybrids controlled genetically-matched by human operators. Jake Sully, a paraplegic former marine replaced his murdered identical twin brother to join the avatar program. During an exploratory mission in avatar forms to make contact with the Na'vi, Jake separated with his team and lost on the planet. He has to overnight on the planet and he attacked by dangerous creatures. Neytiri, female Na'vi saved him and brought him to Hometree. Jake showed his interest to become Dream-walker and Neytiri's father instructed Neytiri to teach Jack how Na'vi live. When time passed, Jack fell in love with Neytiri and he admitted that the mission will be unsuccessful. The leader of the mining operation believed that the negotiations will fail and ordered to destroy the Hometree. Therefore, it started the war between human and Na'vi.

In Avatar, James Cameron has created a beautiful and original creatures which are taller, stronger than human with pigtail. The creature can connect with the nature with plug in their ponytail. Their soul will be bound with the living creatures and they can control them. Nowadays, due to terrible pollution and advance technology, we hardly bind with other living things and we can't enjoy the beauty of nature. There are many action scenes in the film and it made me feel like watching Jurassic Park. All the creatures in the forest are big and weird.

I'm enjoying the visuals of the film from the beautiful alien flora and fauna, and floating mountains. All the living things include Na'vi glowed at night. The 3D effect was not as much as I expected, probably the film will be presented well in 2D because my friend told me it was digital version even it is 2D version. The Avatar has been developed since 1994, so we can see every effort of making this amazing movie. It was a perfect blend of live action and computer generated wizardry. Avatar definitely deserve as movie of Year 2009.

Rating :

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