Monday, January 11, 2010

Movie Review-Alvin and the Chipmunks 2: The Squeakquel


Release Date : 24 December 2009--->Watch on 03 January 2010 (Sunday), 11am at TGV, 1 Utama
Language : English
Running Time : 1 hour 29 minutes
Director : Betty Thomas
Cast : Jason Lee, Jesse McCartney, Justin Long, Matthew Gray Gubler

My Penny of View : The story started with Alvin together with Simon and Theodore performing in a concert. As usual, Alvin's show off attitude turned the concert into disaster. Dave, the guardian of the boys, hurt and need to stay in the hospital for long period. Meanwhile, Aunt Jackie in charge for the chipmunks. However, Aunt Jackit's grandson, Toby accidentally knocked her wheelchair down stairs and she hurt too. Then, left Toby in charge for the boys. What a dramatic opening.

In this episode, Alvin and the chipmunks went to school but they couldn't have a normal school life because they were such a tiny little chipmunks. Somehow the appearance of The Chipettes-Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor lightened up their school life. Ian Hawke, Alvin and chipmunks ex producer, was on his greedy plan to promote the Chipettes to defeat the chipmunks. He even told them how bad was the chipmunks and how they betrayed them. It made the chipettes hate the chipmunks. On the other hand, Alvin seems betrayed Simon and Theodore when he decided to join the school football team. He didn't show up for the competition practice. How can the chipmunks reunite again in this new adventure?

The theme of family togetherness was repeated in this movie. It was nothing new but I was enjoyed myself with the adorable chipmunks and chipettes. The little girl beside me kept saying 'They are so cute'. Three chipmunks in the first episode was noisy, now add another three chipettes made the movie noisier. Can you imagine if they have kids next time? Although there were different voice cast for different chipmunks but for me it sounded alike. However, the dancing and singing chipmunks cheered up the festive season especially when you were watching with a bunch of kids. You will feel joyful with their laughing. Don't forget, The Chipettes sang well for the 'Singles Ladies'. Photobucket

Rating :

I took picture with the chipmunks


kenwooi said...

dont think i'll be able to catch it soon.. perhaps DVD! =)

Yih Yann said...

@kenwooi DVD is enough but this movie is for sure entertaining.

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