Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Malacca Trip ~ Day1(26.12.2009) ~ Restoran Nyonya Suan & Pinkberrys Dessert House

It was a sunny day to travel to Malacca, maybe God love us so much. See Ying, Wei Wei, Chai Chin and I travelled from KL to meet Jou Yee and Pooi Fong at Malacca. We reached about lunch hour and we met at Restoran Nyonya Suan for lunch.

The name is 'Wen Sin' in Mandarin

Wah...many food waiting for us Photobucket

Fried squid

Tou fu

Asam curry fish


Nyonya style curry chicken

Sambal prawn

This cendol was so delicious

Everyone was having happy moment

I was satisfied with the delicious Nyonya food and cooling cendol. It was kinda awkward when we walked into the restaurant because we never think that were so many people waiting for us for lunch. Photobucket The total cost for the lunch was RM 193.90 for 13 persons, very worth it. There were many tourists visit to this restaurant too. After full lunch, we hanged around at Pahlawan shopping mall. Photobucket

When only I can get myself a Kimono?

Time to sit down and have some chatting with the girls.

The menu

Red lotus nut white fungus

Honeydew loh

Kiwi loh

Pandan cendol

The leng luis plus the one holding camera

The desserts was average. I still prefer 西米捞 at 记得吃.

To be continued...


sock peng said...

very excited saw ur post about malacca
because i plan visit Malacca soon

nice recommendation of food

Yih Yann said...

@sock peng Thanks..will have more post coming soon

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