Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The 3rd Global Bio-Herbs Economic Forum

On 11.12.2009 (Friday), Ling, Daniel and I went to The 3rd Global Bio-Herbs Economic Forum organized by Easy Pha-max at Palace of the Golden Horses.

Arriving at the entrance

The forum was quite grand

Special housing area concept for all Easy Pha-max members

Coincidentally met Su Yien

Ling & I with the new hair style

We went outside to take photos

Marvellous statue

Giant Christmas tree

Do you have any idea that this is just a small statue?

Three old friends

The statue to match with the name of the hotel

We went to the forum with open heart to listen to any great opportunity to earn money. When a leader speak, everyone will pay attention to him. The speaker of the forum was a impressive and influential speaker. There are still long way to go for me to improve my public speaking skill. I was beneficial from this forum. Photobucket


fufu said...

wow...nice ya the housing project!! wish the have affordable one for everyone ya :) and golden horses palace? gorgeous!!!

Yih Yann said...

@fufu If you are the member of Easy Pha-max, then you can stay at the housing area.

Actually at the first place we went to that cocktail dinner was because we wanted to explore the Palace of Golden Horses...hehe..

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