Tuesday, October 20, 2009

GSC Birthday Treat on G-Force

Thanks to Golden Screen Cinema for giving me birthday treat because my birthday is in this month, so I can watch any asterisk movie for free. Photobucket

Release Date : 17 September 2009--->Watch on 11 October 2009 (Sunday), 2.50pm at GSC, 1 Utama
Language : English
Running Time : 1 hour 30 minutes
Director : Hoyt Yeatman
Cast : Sam Rockwell, Tracy Morgan, Penelope Cruz, Nicolas Cage

My Penny of View : A special FBI agent trained a bunch of animals with high technologies to accomplish mission impossible. This group of secret agent consisted three guinea pigs, a star-nosed mole and a fly. The advance technology made the animals able to communicate with human. Amazing ooo. They tried to impress the superiors by solving a FBI long years investigation case without formal authorization. The team successfully get the evidence about the case but the information seems unmatched when they showed it to the superiors. This incident has led to the closure of the special team. The three guinea pigs and the star-nosed mole has been brought to a pet shop and they have been adopted separately. Their never give up spirit made them try to escape from the owner and investigate on the case that made their team shut down. So the war between human and guinea pigs began.

The four guinea pigs were adorable (maybe this statement only applicable for female, male never fall for these cute things). The story line was straightforward and entertaining. There was a familiar voice from Nicolas Cage as the evil star-nosed mole but it seems like has been modified a bit. You also can see giant mega robots which made up from electrical items just like Transformers 2 in this film. The film became exciting when it add in music "Jump" by Flo Rida featuring Nelly Furtado. I was enjoying the film because it was a funny show. Photobucket

Rating :


sock peng said...

i thin better than UP
overall is good
n creative

Yih Yann said...

--->sock peng: Ya, it's depends on individual. I got feedback from my other friend that the movie was not nice but I prefer Up because I like touching movie (:

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