Saturday, September 12, 2009

CK's Birthday Celebration at 得福小廚

On 02.09.2009, we have an early birthday celebration for CK at 得福小廚 which located at Aman Puri, Kepong. This restaurant is famous of cheap and delicious crab.

招牌咸香蛋炒蟹(Salted Egg Crab)-RM22 per kg

招牌芝士牛油焗蟹(Cheese Crab)-RM20 per kg

Fried Man Tao to eat with the cheese crab-RM3 for 6 pieces

福州豆腐(Fu Zhou Taofu)-RM9

炸子鸡(Grilled Chicken)-RM20

The quality of the food here is still maintain at the good standard but there are many conditions to enjoy the crabs. If you want to order total 1kg of crab, you need to order other two dishes. If you want to order total 2kg of crab, you need to order other three dishes. You only can enjoy the crab when you dining in, straightly no take away. They have another branch in Puchong and this shows that their business is expanding. I'm personally think that they should improve their customer service because people tend to become conceit which make you feel that you are begging them for food. Photobucket

Chocolate Cheese Cake

The birthday boy

Winnie & CK

Me & CK

We have a wonderful dinner and we hope that all the birthday wishes from CK will become true. Photobucket


Lulu said...

I went there b4 I start my bloggin life, so never blog bt it!aizya~

Agree, their crab and dish are all very nice..Worth for it!

Agree too, their serving attitude kinda we are begging the food..:P Many many chinese restaurant having this problem once they bcome famous.

Yih Yann said...

--->Lulu:No doubt their food is nice but I just point out here so that you guys don't put so much hope on their service...later you all will 'gek sei'

sock peng said...


Yih Yann said...

--->sock peng:When you come to KL, I bring you go :)

fufu said...

wow the crabs is rm20/kg??
quite expensive but bet a nice one right? hihihi i love crabs well basically heart seafood i would say

Yih Yann said...

--->fufu:It is consider KL oso got RM40 sth per kg lo....

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